The RUNDOWN: ideas in the making…

Ideas are fleeting.


Some stick. Some vanish just as quickly as they came.

But, they all start off as very confusing, vaguely familiar threads of thought in our minds. It takes attention, patience and a keenness of detail to formulate it into that righteous thing that you imagine it can be!

Alas! My idea for this blog. This idea is newly born, with its eyes barely open, screaming for the care that it demands from me, but I don’t speak baby gibberish so I don’t know what the fuck it wants.

But, to not try at all is accepting defeat, accepting failure. Ignoring my idea is essentially sending my thought baby to die before it even experiences life, and I’m pretty sure that’s inhumane.

I know just as much about this blog as you do. Practically zip. But, I enjoy formulating my thoughts and ideas and, hopefully, I can correlate it with something relevant to you and society in the midst of it all. Maybe I’ll throw in some stuff I’ve learned, maybe I’ll show off something that I created. Maybe I won’t do either of those. Really, it’s all a mystery.

So, raise your glasses. This toast goes to the never-ending pursuit of creativity, of finding the right balance of self-expression while navigating the contradicting and nearly impossible expectations of society.



Blogs…ironic, aren’t they? It’s essentially putting your individualism on display. And, how terrifying is it to give the public a piece of yourself? A real piece of yourself that screams all the love and loneliness in your heart. That expresses the human experience and all its emotional purity; an illustration of the waves of life and the lessons learned. To be authentic in today’s world, now, that is bold.

While blogs offer a platform for self-expression, they also offer a platform for scrutiny. And, I’m sure we all know well enough how bold some are behind a screen.

So, the challenge presents itself: to express myself in the most authentic matter in a way that is somewhat relatable while simultaneously not giving a fuck about those who are prepared to shatter my experience.

Let’s see how this goes.


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