The first blog post…get it out of the way

Every time I start a blog (yes, I’ve started and abandoned a few), I feel like I need to have that first introductory blog post that says what I plan to do with all of this.

But, honestly, I don’t have a plan. Every time I do have one of those god-forsaken “plans,” it never goes accordingly to plan! Imagine that freakin’ nonsense!

So, here’s THE first blog post. The one that will be forgotten and never viewed upon as my blog gets internationally famous and I write sooo much content that this one post get’s pushed to the bottom of blog sea.

Yeah…right…but at least my ambition is high! But, I promise, my expectations are low. I just expect to have fun. I have lots of thoughts and I’m going to be arrogant in thinking you want to read alllll about them.

Like I said, I’ve started a travel blog before, but I tried to go the BS mainstream route. I’m so tired of blogs being like, “10 best things to do in Bali,” “Why you SHOULDN’T eat the worm in Mexico” (btw, you probably shouldn’t), or “Five best places to have your honeymoon.”

They’re all corny AF (well, maybe not the worm one…why shouldn’t we eat the tequila worm?) and I’m OVER IT.

I’m over trying to fit into this one category of travel blogs and I’m over delivering people what I think they want. How do I know what you want to read? Just like, how do I know what the best 10 places to visit in Bali are for you? I’m not you. How do I know what you like? I don’t, and I’m done pretending like I do!

So, no, I will not tell you what you should or shouldn’t do in a country you have or haven’t visited because I don’t know what you like or don’t like. So, how on Earth am I suppose to know what you’re looking for in a travel destination?

And, let’s face it, most people want those Instagram picturesque locations that are so beautiful on your IG feed, but little do you know, if the photographer moved the camera a little to the left, or maybe down a little, then there would be heaping piles of trash in the frame. Did you know South East Asia is filled with HEAPING piles of trash? Yeah, if you haven’t been there, then I’m sure you weren’t aware because trash left behind by ignorant tourists doesn’t get any likes.

Okkkkkk I’m ranting HARD.

Moral of the GD story is that I don’t have a vision for this blog. I know it’ll be about traveling and adventures because that’s what I like to do and that’s what I spend all my precious pennies on. But, maybe one day, I’ll share some poetry from my journal. Maybe another day, I’ll tell you about these awesome people I met, or maybe about how I got robbed or almost died because THAT STUFF HAPPENS WHEN YOU TRAVEL IT’S NOT ALWAYS LUXURIOUS SUITES AND BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS. Sometimes you do get bali-belly and sometimes you’re an idiot and leave your card in the ATM (hasn’t actually happened to me, just to set the record straight, but I definitely know a few people who have done this).

So, welcome to this platform where I’ll talk about whatever I want to talk about that will usually be somewhat related to traveling.

Thank god that’s out of the way…


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